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Kentucky (AP Photo/David Perry)

Stern’s battle with NBA age limits

You could say that college basketball is being ruined by players that only stay for one year, but you’d just be fooling yourself. The truth is, it’s making a mockery of the university. Kids come to campus just to play basketball, not advance their education. That part bothers me because I pay for it, and [...]

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Michigan State/Saint Louis (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Are you still watching the NCAA Tournament?

This year’s NCAA Tournament is missing something. There are eight heavyweights of college basketball in the Elite 8 — Kentucky, Baylor, Louisville, Florida, Syracuse, Ohio State, North Carolina and Kansas. We don’t have a VCU or Butler in this year’s remaining field. So, in theory, you’d think that would lead to a more exciting tournament. [...]

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NCAA Tournament South Region (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

South region ends in Atlanta

I’ll be heading down to the Georgia Dome in a few hours to watch this weekend’s South Region semifinals and final round as an innocent bystander. And if I must say, the matchups we’re going to see Friday and Sunday in Atlanta will put this region under the national spotlight all weekend. Obviously, the rematch [...]

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