This might be the coolest thing you see all day

Just imagine living in this neighborhood…

I could definitely be considered a ballpark nerd, so when I saw a couple of tweets last night from Eric Stangel, I was very surprised to learn that something ballpark-related had slipped under my nose.

In Japan, an old stadium wasn’t torn down (like we traditionally do in the United States), but instead, its space was put to good use. Did they turn it into a parking lot? Did they transform it into a place where Little Leaguers can play baseball?

Try this on for size — they turned it into a neighborhood.

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I know the phrase “My life would be a lot cooler if …” is worn-out in today’s society, but, seriously — I think it would have been pretty neat to grow up inside a baseball park. I’d definitely have no excuse to put down a baseball glove!

Let me know what you think about this idea. Would you want to buy a home inside an old stadium, or would you — pun intended — balk at the idea? In terms of safety, I think it would add an extra layer of comfort, but maybe some people don’t want to be that separated from the outside world.

It might even be a good option for the dilapidated Astrodome in Houston.

Below is another (blurry) photo of more views from inside the stadium.

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