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TCU Horned Frogs

College football preview: Nos. 21-19

Three Big 12 teams are next on the list as we move into the top 20 of my preseason rankings.

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35 Bowls in 24 Days: AT&T Cotton Bowl

In what has all the ingredients for a classic bowl matchup, Kansas State and Arkansas will meet in Cowboys Stadium for this year’s Cotton Bowl Classic. This bowl had many great pairs in the past, and if these two teams play as well as they have all year, you’re in for a treat. More: See [...]

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How the Top 10 should look, Week 14

The conference championships have all been decided and the bowl games are set. What do I think about Oklahoma State? Where does Alabama belong? You’ve already seen what the BCS thinks, but I don’t see it the same way the computers do. This will be my final poll of the season until the bowl games [...]

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