No shortage of celebs available for Gameday

College Gameday was well-attended in Tallahassee a year ago.

Every Saturday during college football season, ESPN’s College Gameday welcomes a celebrity to the set at approximately 11:50 a.m. Eastern. They cram as many predictions as they can into 10 minutes about the day’s football games.

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Gameday is coming to Tallahassee this weekend for the Florida State-Clemson tilt, and I have some ideas for celebrity guest pickers. If I were Gameday producer Lee Fitting, here’s who would be on my short list to call for the honor this weekend.

T-Pain: The Tallahassee Hero

If I could rank my choices, this would be my No. 1 seed. The rapper/singer would be a perfect fit on the Gameday set, top hat and all. Bonus points if he autotunes every single one of his picks and then trades his top hat for Seminole headgear and a spear while leading the band in the War Chant. I can’t think of anything that would be sweeter than that. Other than a Florida State victory on Saturday, of course.

Bobby Bowden

Coach Bowden hasn’t been back to Doak Campbell Stadium for an FSU Football-related event since he was forced into retirement a few years ago. If College Gameday could manage to get him to agree to be the guest, and somehow keep it a secret, the crowd would erupt like you’ve never seen when he climbed up onto the stage.

Leonard Hamilton

The head coach of the defending ACC champions on the basketball court is always a great quote and is one of the faces of Florida State University over the last few years. He’s brought plenty of good publicity to the Garnet and Gold while building a quality basketball program, so I would totally support ESPN rewarding him with a few minutes on tv. It wouldn’t hurt recruiting, either!

Nigel Bradham

Anyone who does this to a Miami receiver is deserving of 10 more minutes on ESPN, in my opinion:

Burt Reynolds

This would be awesome to see because he’d be reunited with former FSU Football teammate Lee Corso (the ladies must have loved that duo back in the 1950s). Reynolds and Corso are both getting up there in age, so why not bring them together for a reunion and give them a chance to lead the War Chant at 11:59 a.m. one more time?

Jake Owen

Gameday tapped country singer Kenny Chesney a week ago in Knoxville, Tennessee, so if they’re looking to continue with the theme of country twang, FSU alumnus Jake Owen is the man for the job.

Who would you like to see at Gameday this weekend? Leave me a comment below!

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