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Eddie Lacy (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic, File)

College football preview: Nos. 3-1

See which three teams are ranked highest in my poll as the 2012 season begins.

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AP Photo/Cheryl Gerber

Bleauxn Away

Everyone has their own opinion about what they saw on the field of the Superdome last night. Whether you thought it was a perfect championship game where two great defenses dueled for four quarters or thought it was wholly boring and the rematch had no business happening, every person who turned the BCS Championship game [...]

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AP Photo/Rob Carr

35 Bowls in 24 Days: BCS National Championship

SEC fan or not, tonight is the night that college football’s champion of the 2011 season will be crowned, and it will be an SEC school either way. We’ve finally made it to the last game of the year, and the SEC’s two best teams are on the ticket as the finalists. Before I get [...]

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