Are you still watching the NCAA Tournament?

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

This year’s NCAA Tournament is missing something.

There are eight heavyweights of college basketball in the Elite 8 — Kentucky, Baylor, Louisville, Florida, Syracuse, Ohio State, North Carolina and Kansas. We don’t have a VCU or Butler in this year’s remaining field. So, in theory, you’d think that would lead to a more exciting tournament.

We want to see the best teams possible, dueling it out for the title … right?

Is it because teams are actually playing defense nowadays? Fans seem to get bored when the scores are low, and subconsciously, I thought the 102-90 final in last night’s Kentucky/Indiana game was one of the best games I’ve seen yet in this year’s Big Dance. Was I so enthralled because the game was defensively-challenged?

Or is it because — and I think this is the true problem — there hasn’t been a single buzzer-beater yet? Not even one! Sure, there’s been no shortage of games that have gone down to the wire, and that should be enough to satisfy us. But there is a moment of disappointment every time one of those prayers falls unanswered.

So is that what we need to make this a more interesting tournament?

Or is it the absence of famously-rambunctious play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson? There is a noted addition to big games when the tv analysts are good at what they do, and their job is to add something to the game. Is Verne Lundquist really adding anything to the game? Does he ever?

The studio analysts aren’t much better, on the whole. We watch Charles Barkley to see if he says anything thoroughly ridiculous, but he brings about as much good analysis to the table as Lee Corso does during college football season’s College Gameday shows.

So to you, my loyal readers, I ask: are you still enthralled by this year’s tournament? And if so (or not), what is the reason?

I’m willing to bet most of those who are still tuned in are only excited by the thought of their bracket still being in one piece (or their college is one of the eight teams remaining). Leave me a comment below and weigh in!

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