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AP Photo/Paul Battaglia

Randy Moss: Hall of Famer?

On Monday afternoon, wide receiver Randy Moss announced that he will retire from the NFL, ending a 13-year career despite waiting out a lockout to see if he would have any suitors for the 2011 season. Apparently, Moss wasn’t a sought-after commodity (even though his agent insisted otherwise), as he had yet to be signed [...]

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The first half of 2011 was dominated with news of the NFL Lockout. Though it wasn't as nasty of a battle as the NBA Lockout, there was legitimate fear that games would be canceled as a result of the two sides' disagreements.

It’s now or never for the NFL Lockout

It’s finally come time for the National Football League. This nonsense has to stop. It’s time for both sides to come to an agreement and start to prepare for the 2011 regular season. It’s time to put the differences aside and realize that nothing is bigger than pro football in the professional sports scene in [...]

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Who’s really hurt by the NFL Lockout?

Less than a week ago, the headline was sent out: “The lockout has ended … there will be pro football in 2011.” No so fast. The two sides will head back to court today, and while players are free to return to team facilities, many are reluctant to do so because they are allowed to [...]

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