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AP Photo/Atlanta Journal Constitution, Curtis Compton


This kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen. The Atlantic Coast Conference is supposed to be owned by Duke and North Carolina, at least in basketball. They’ve won every ACC Title between the two of them for nearly a decade. Then the Florida State Seminoles came in and made Tobacco Road their own personal driveway. [...]

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AP Photo/Ethan Hyman

It’s now or never for NC State

Alright, NC State, you’ve waited all season to get that one big win. It should have happened by now, but since you’ve taken your sweet time to beat anyone decent, you’re looking at your last possible opportunity. And all eyes will be on you this weekend. You’re the main story of this year’s ACC Tournament. [...]

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ACC Tournament

The ACC Tournament returns to Atlanta!

I’ve been anticipating this weekend for the last three years. The ACC Tournament is back in Atlanta this weekend for four days of exciting basketball and 12 fanbases that will sit amongst one another in Philips Arena, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s hard to top an event where all of these schools are [...]

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