Time for an announcement!

I’ve been debating myself on this decision for quite a while.

In my three years following graduation, I’ve been running this blog as an outlet for my sports thoughts, and it has been great. This morning, I hit 25,000 page views, with most of them coming in the last 12 months as I ramped up my writing. Moving into the weather world made me want to talk sports constantly.

Today is a new day for BreslinSports.com — say hello to the all-new Breslanta.com (I combined “Breslin” and “Atlanta,” which is incredibly witty and inventive, I know).

At any given time, I religiously follow about 20 blogs of friends, family and people who just blog well. They all have different interests, but only a few of those blogs are strictly about sports. What I’ve learned about the sports bloggers is how tough it is to write about sports on a daily basis. Full disclosure: while writing nearly every day about sports for 12 months, I find myself forcing the issue sometimes.

Here’s the good news — sports isn’t going anywhere on this blog. In fact, it’s still probably going to be the main focus, especially when college football rolls around. I miss it dearly, and I understand that baseball’s regular season is really long and not always a good read. I know I could cover a baseball team full-time for my career (maybe that will become a reality down the road), but writing from afar with no quotes or inside information is difficult.

I’ve wanted to write about other things in my life because I have a lot of passions outside the sports world. Every now and then, I want to write about weather, local restaurants, my brother’s highly-successful Broadway show and, yes, even politics at times. I couldn’t do that on BreslinSports.com, but I’ll be doing that on Breslanta.com.

It’s my hope that this change will grow my audience, not shrink it. I don’t want Breslanta.com to be a sports blog, a weather blog or a food blog — I want it to be a little bit of everything, so there’s always something for everyone.

Sports can sometimes get tedious, but I’m making the change because I want the challenge of becoming a more well-rounded writer. So, now, I challenge you to follow me (which you can do by scrolling up to the “Subscribe to Breslanta” banner on the left, under the advertisement) and help me grow this site into something even better!

Feel free to leave me a comment below and tell me what you think of the change.

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