It’s now or never for NC State

Alright, NC State, you’ve waited all season to get that one big win.

It should have happened by now, but since you’ve taken your sweet time to beat anyone decent, you’re looking at your last possible opportunity. And all eyes will be on you this weekend.

You’re the main story of this year’s ACC Tournament. Don’t screw it up.

The Wolfpack were given three consecutive games that could have padded their resume in mid-February. They lost all three. It isn’t rocket science that you haven’t followed the blueprint for getting to the Big Dance, fellas.

You might have to win as many as three games to get into the NCAA Tournament, NC State. Beating Boston College in Thursday’s first round won’t mean anything, and beating Virginia might not mean that much, either. Sure, you’d get a win over a team that will be playing in the NCAA Tournament, but UVA isn’t going to be seeded highly.

You’re going to have to beat North Carolina and get into the ACC Championship game.

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If those odds seem tall, it’s because they are. But the Wolfpack had their shots to make this easier, and with a couple of wins over Miami being their only good wins to stand on, drastic measures will be necessary to impress the committee.

So get out there and beat UNC or Duke, Wolfpack. No pressure — it’s only your whole season riding on this weekend, and the conference is watching.

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