Hawks hire Ferry as new GM (and President)

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The Atlanta Hawks might finally have a General Manager who will help them take the next step.

Monday afternoon, the franchise announced the hiring of Danny Ferry as GM and President. The last two years, Ferry was the VP of Basketball Operations for the San Antonio Spurs (the second time he was employed by the team), but prior to that stint, he worked to build a championship-contending team in Cleveland.

The Cavaliers almost won a ring, too. If LeBron James had stuck around, who knows what would have happened?

Ferry’s hiring tells me one thing: the Hawks want to win, and they want to build a winning attitude that goes beyond winning a round or two in the playoffs. As a result, this squad might not look the same at the beginning of the 2012-13 season, or even next week for that matter.

The Hawks’ new GM enters the fray at a perfect time — the NBA Draft is just days away, and it would be the perfect opportunity to make a positive first impression by shuffling a piece or two and moving up from the No. 23 pick in the first round.

I understand that the Hawks are likely to remain the Hawks because they’ve never been able to figure out that championship formula. But they’re giving someone else a shot to make moves and turn this team into a title contender, so the fans should be paying attention and patiently see what Ferry has to offer.

Also, the Hawks’ ownership deserves credit for getting their man. Ferry was speaking to the Philadelphia 76ers as well (a young team that, frankly, would be more appealing to mold than this Hawks team), but the suits in the Atlanta front office made Ferry an offer he couldn’t refuse.

If he could find the winning formula in San Antonio, it’s definitely possible that he can do the same in Atlanta.

It’s time to see if this Ferry can sail the Hawks to the Promised Land.

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