The Images of 2011

This has definitely been the best year yet for, and with an increased opportunity to write came an increase in the number of images I posted to my site.

I think it will be a treat to look back at the best images of the year … I hope you enjoy this!

From the article: Sometimes, sports take a back seat

On April 27, the city of Tuscaloosa (and many other areas in the South) was ravaged by a massive tornado that killed more than 100 and halted the sports world, especially in that tiny college town. (AP Photo/Michelle Lepianka Carter)

From the article: Picture this

After blowing a shot at his first Masters title, 22-year-old Rory McIlroy ran away with the U.S. Open just weeks later. It was his first major victory. (David Cannon/Getty Images)

From the article: The basics of the NBA Lockout

This was the sight in NBA arenas for the first few weeks of the regular season, as games for the 2011-12 season before Christmas Day were canceled due to an ugly lockout.

From the article: It’s now or never for the NFL Lockout

The first half of 2011 was dominated with news of the NFL Lockout. Though it wasn't as nasty of a battle as the NBA Lockout, there was legitimate fear that games would be canceled as a result of the two sides' disagreements.

From the article: Rest in Pieces, Miami Football

Nevin Shapiro parties with Kellen Winslow, just one of several pictures of the man with a Miami athlete used as evidence when allegations dropped that Shapiro was funneling thousands of dollars into the players' pockets for a slew of reasons. It was just another scandal in a year where several made it to light in the college football world.

From the article: We have a Game 7!

In Game 6 of the World Series, David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals hit a walk-off home run to force a deciding Game 7 with the Texas Rangers that the Cardinals would go on to win. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

From the article: Sad downfall for Paterno

It seemed like Penn State head coach Joe Paterno would ride off into the sunset admirably when his career ended, but the shocking allegations of child abuse pushed him out the door a way nobody thought they'd see. (AP Photo/Pat Little)

From the article: How the Top 10 should look, Championship Week edition

Virginia Tech guard Courtney Prince is in awe of the Commonwealth Cup, earned by the Hokies after their 28-0 win over Virginia. (AP Photo/Don Petersen)

From the article: MLB MVP tests positive for banned substance

National League MVP Ryan Braun allegedly tested positive for a banned substance in the final month of the regular season. The revelation sparked debate about whether or not Braun should have to give back the award.

From the article: Who should stay and who should go?

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III was named the Heisman Trophy winner on Dec. 10 after a phenomenal season at Baylor. (AP Photo/Kelly Kline)

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