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McDonalds McRib

Tim Tebow vs. the McRib

To break the monotony of a long football season, the McRib has returned to McDonald’s. Similarly, to break the monotony of analyzing numbers and rankings of college football, I’m going to do something that my readers have been dying to see me do — I’m going to compare Tim Tebow to the McRib. More: College [...]

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AP Photo/Johnny Crawford

How the Top 10 should look, Week 9

Two more undefeateds fell yesterday in what has become a wild October for upsets. This has created more work for me, because it’s getting tougher and tougher each week to figure out which 10 teams comprise my top-10 as the upsets continue to roll in. But even though the list of unblemished teams continues to [...]

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The best of Week 9

We’ve come to the last weekend in October, which means big things in college football. Each week, we see more games of consequence, and after last weekend’s upsets of undefeateds Wisconsin and Oklahoma, the battle to run the table has become more exclusive. Here are a couple of games that feature undefeated teams trying to [...]

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