Time for a giveaway!

I never would have guessed 30,000 folks would stop by Breslanta.

So in honor of reaching that milestone (which was passed Friday afternoon, actually), I’d like to give back to my loyal readers and offer you a small token of my appreciation.

I’d like away a $25 gift card to Target to one lucky reader!

So here’s how you can win — and it’s very simple. From now until Friday, anyone who likes this post (hit the button that says “Like” below) will be automatically entered. Anyone who subscribes to this blog (hit the button that says “follow” to the left) will be entered. Also, anyone who leaves me a comment with a witty or inventive suggestion for how I can get to the next 30,000 visitors will be entered.

And if you do all three, then you’re entered three times!

Sorry, folks outside the United States — only people with a U.S. address will be eligible to win this prize.

Consider this a small token of my appreciation for all of you. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed interacting with each person who leaves a comment, and I’ve gained ties with some really great bloggers as a result of launching Breslanta. Get entered now!

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