This London thing is actually kind of cool!

AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis

For weeks, we’ve heard about the future shortfalls of the 2012 Summer Games. London’s transportation would be a problem when millions of outsiders were added to the fray. A bus strike was going to make travel even more impossible. Security issues were a major concern.

But amongst the complaints, we neglected one pretty big factor — London hosting the Olympics is pretty neat.

Social media was buzzing Friday night during the Opening Ceremonies, and my unscientific count yielded far more viewers left confused and unpleased by the performances and skits put forth by the UK. To that, I say: it didn’t have to be elaborate, like the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing. And it didn’t have to make perfect sense to Americans. No foreign-hosted ceremonies are supposed to make perfect sense, unless you’re the worldliest of world travelers, and a historian to boot.

Now that the Olympics have begun, you’ll see historic venues hosting events. Tennis will be played on the same courts that hosted Wimbledon weeks ago. Archers will compete on the same field where the sport of cricket began. Other venues are on the doorsteps of royal palaces.

There are even Olympic rings hanging from Tower Bridge. That’s just special.

Even if you’re not a fan of Olympic sports, you can’t miss the prestige of these Summer Games. Hopefully, the problems have been ironed out, and we will see an issue-free Olympics hosted by a country I hope to someday visit.

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