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How the Top 10 should look, Championship Week edition

At the end of Rivalry Week, we have a couple of changes in the top 10. As we head into Championship Week, every team won’t play this weekend, but the ones that do will have a lot on the line. Here is how my top 10 looks as we head into the conference championships. More: [...]

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Your move, Dad

Born and raised in Ohio, my father has been an Ohio State fan all his life. He once bought a brand-spanking-new HD television for a party when the Buckeyes played for and won the national championship in 2003, and the only college clothing he owned before my brother and I (and his money) went off [...]

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The best of Week 13

We’ve made it to Rivalry Week, where national championship aspirations are verified or crushed, and bragging rights are cemented for the next 366 days. You never want to be on the losing end of this week’s game, regardless of how good or bad your team’s season has been to this point. There are tons of [...]

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