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NBA Lockout

The basics of the NBA Lockout

The news will become official at 12:01 a.m. tonight: the NBA will be locked out. It will join the locked-out NFL, and half of the “Big 4″ professional leagues in America will be in work stoppages. Today, the players and owners met one last time in an effort to bring the two sides together, but [...]

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AP Photo/Heather Lockwood

Indiana hoops star fighting for his life

This is one of those crazy stories that doesn’t seem like it should be statistically possible. Somehow, it is. Indiana high school basketball star Austin Hatch is currently coming out of a coma in an Indianapolis hospital, fighting for his life after a small-plane crash that killed his father and stepmother (his father was piloting [...]

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Steve Bartman

What causes choking in sports?

It’s a truly terrible feeling when you walk onto the field or court thinking that you’re going to choke. I’ve been there, and so has a large majority of us who have played sports regularly. But why does it happen? I was brought to this discussion topic by Heather Brinkmann, a young lady who lives [...]

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