Archive | March, 2011

March Magic runs out

I learned something today. When you type “FSU Basketball” into Google search, the first suggestion the website gives you to try is “FSU Basketball NIT”. I’m hoping the events of the last two weeks will change that. Here’s what I learned yesterday, and this may be a more relevant revelation: FSU Basketball is tough as [...]

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The end of a great year

As I fly 30,000 feet above the ground on my way to San Antonio to watch FSU Basketball one more time in its current form, I couldn’t help but reflect on the last 350 days of my life. With today being my last day of employment at 790 The Zone, I want to use today’s [...]

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Another year, another disappointment

I have to share an e-mail with you guys that I received this morning. It’s really quite funny. Actually, I’ll just share the subject line of said e-mail, and I think you’ll get the point. “Hawks Playoff Pre-Sale Starts NOW” Uh, no thanks. How about a rain check? I watched as much of last night’s [...]

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