Archive | November, 2010

Gathering my thoughts …

While I spent an entire day freezing in Athens, Ga., a lot happened in the world of college football. Now, I present to you, my thoughts on what went down yesterday — in as organized a way as I can. Believe me, this blog will be a lot less cluttered than my unfiltered thoughts all [...]

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Isn’t it ironic?

Let’s see, isn’t this the same conference that bands together like no other? Constant chants of “SEC” every time any team inside the conference wins a game of any consequence? Now, like always, they’ve been trying to eat their own when the going gets tough. Of course, I’m talking about Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, who [...]

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Lousy start for the ACC

After suffering through a long season of mediocre football in the Atlantic Coast Conference, it’s always a welcome sign to see basketball season finally begin. The ACC tends to play top-notch basketball on a yearly basis, so the pain of bad football in September is usually eased by stellar basketball in December. But what happens [...]

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