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The moment I was worried I wouldn’t see

There I was. Standing in the walkway between Sections 105 and 107, watching something I knew would happen today, but I didn’t think I’d be there to see. I don’t remember what I said or what I did after it happened, but I assume my behavior is something like that of every young boy in [...]

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Who holds the true “Dome” Field Advantage?

This is Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Normally the home stadium of the Indianapolis Colts, the 2010 Final Four will be played in this behemoth starting tonight. Just like last year at Ford Field in Detroit, the court will be smack in the middle of this stadium, with every seat in the place being sold [...]

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Walker fails, offers to make good on promise

Do you remember Javon Walker? Florida State fans will have no trouble recalling this wide receiver, who played in Garnet and Gold and was named 2nd Team All-ACC in the 2001 season and then went on to be the Seminoles’ MVP in the 2002 Gator Bowl. Coming out of college, Walker had a lot of [...]

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