Archive | February, 2010

Four schools suddenly face black eyes

Yesterday was a very busy day with legal matters abound in college athletics. So busy that ESPN didn’t really have the time to cover them all (although through their all-day format of specialty shows, they gave it a valiant effort). So here’s all of the fresh investigations and admissions, listed neatly in case one of [...]

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Florida State gets defensive

I was planning on writing this piece 24 hours from now until a free courtside ticket fell into my lap for tomorrow night’s game in Chapel Hill between FSU and UNC. So you’re going to get it today instead of tomorrow. You’re welcome. FSU hasn’t played a basketball game in seven days, getting a rare [...]

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Now it is our business

Tiger Woods, you butchered this one yet again. When Tiger issued his statement a few months ago admitting his infidelity and asking the public for privacy on his personal matters, I thought it was quite an appropriate response to the situation that seemingly left the sports world in limbo. I was eager to see him [...]

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