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FSU faltering? Not really.

If you’re familiar with the Florida State Basketball fanbase, it is one of the most pessimistic groups of people on the planet. Of course, it may have something to do with recent heartbreak and constantly being told that we don’t quite size up with the elites of college basketball, even though the ‘Noles often knock [...]

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Are all Jets flying equally as high?

He has become the darling child in the 2010 NFL Playoffs (if you don’t count Brett Favre, who is more like the darling old man). He is the toast of the Big Apple after stringing together two consecutive playoff victories for the New York Jets. But is Mark Sanchez a key factor in the Jets’ [...]

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How to solve the Week 17 dead-time

It’s been a much-debated topic on television networks over the last few years, and the discussion has now reached the front office of the NFL. How do you keep teams from resting their starters in the final weeks of the regular season so the middle-class fan doesn’t waste $100 or more on a meaningless game? [...]

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