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Ten things we’ve learned from the ’09 NCAA Football season

In August, we entered the 2009 college football season with several assumptions. We figured the Florida Gators would not be challenged by anyone in the nation (mostly from looking at their schedule). Lou Holtz told us Notre Dame would be national champions. And we heard all kinds of other nonsense. But here are 10 things [...]

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Emotional afternoon awaits Seminoles

If you plan on attending tomorrow’s Florida State-Maryland game at noon, be sure to pack a few tissues before you head out. Football isn’t supposed to be this emotional, but you can be sure that by the time the noon kickoff rolls around, a lot of hugs will have already been shared and a lot [...]

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This scene is getting old

UPDATE: This has been picked up by Sports Illustrated, via Andy Staples, and The Sporting News, via Chris Littman. Also, Branch has issued a response: “For everyone who don’t know I didnt eye gauge the player from Florida State, let’s get that cleared up I was just caught up in the moment pulled his helmet [...]

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