Archive | October, 2009

ESPN playing the evil tyrant in the Heisman Vote

ESPN has done it again. The network with the most pull in the race for the Heisman Trophy is holding their annual vote for the fans to decide who they think should win the honor this year, as sponsored by Nissan. When this blog is finished, I’m willing to bet that 90 percent of those [...]

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Take the ‘C’ out of ‘BCS’ and you have…

This whole process is getting really, really stupid. Before the season began, I predicted that the University of Cincinnati would become the best team you didn’t expect to see near the top in 2009. I didn’t, however, expect to see them running the table. Now it appears they might, and the “experts” are spending a [...]

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The eye of a huge storm

Before I report the statement that was made today, know that the decision is completely out of Bobby Bowden’s hands. But according to ESPN, Bowden informed Tony Barnhart that he is “strongly leaning” towards returning for the 2010 football season with Florida State. Uhh… The subject continues to polarize the fanbase at FSU. You’re either [...]

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