Just how bad is Savannah State?

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As the sportswriters line up to take their shots at Oklahoma State and Florida State for scheduling a little David like Savannah State, here’s your reminder that the Seminoles were supposed to be playing West Virginia this weekend, until the Mountaineers backed out.

I can’t speak for Okie State, but the Seminoles really didn’t have any choice. Some writers have been sure to remind the masses of West Virginia’s bailout, but others have put the blame on FSU. Even though they asked dozens of schools to fill their Week 2 void in the schedule and only Savannah State agreed to play in Tallahassee, that has somehow become FSU’s problem.

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You’re free to believe whatever you want, but from my chair, I can’t find any fault with the Seminoles in making this decision. Having said that, it’s really sad that the Savannah State Tigers are putting their players through this kind of gauntlet, two games in a row, to get the kinds of paychecks they’re receiving to play in Stillwater and Tallahassee.

It’s like throwing your kid brother into a demolition derby because the payoff is going to put him through college someday.

SSU has been overwhelmed in record-breaking fashion the last two weeks. Against the Cowboys, the Tigers were a 65.5-point underdog last week — at the time, it was the largest betting line in the history of college football.

This week, they’re giving Florida State 70.5 points in the Vegas line. Two weeks, two record lines.

The sad thing about it all is that the ‘Noles could play their second string from the opening whistle until the game is over, and they’d probably be able to cover that betting line. That isn’t my Garnet and Gold glasses-wearing opinion, that’s the cold, hard fact.

According to ESPN, SSU has lost 72 of their last 76 games against the Football Championship Subdivision, formerly known as Division I-AA. Seven of their last 11 games have been lost by 30 or more points; In the 2011 season, they lost by that margin to Southeastern Louisiana, Appalachian State, Florida A&M, Norfolk State and Bethune-Cookman. And those aren’t powerhouses — all of those schools have been used as punching bags for FBS schools in past years.

Feel free to rule out the possibility of an upset this weekend. There’s no chance of a team doing that when they’re playing a squad that’s favored by more than 10 touchdowns.

If you were a betting man or woman, would you dare take the Seminoles on a minus-70.5 line? Do you have faith in SSU to bet on them to keep the game within 70 points? Should they take bets at all for this game?

I’d love to see what you think, and I’d love to see the Seminoles not have to play the Tigers this weekend. But SSU is committed to Saturday’s game, and there’s no backing out now.

Those poor kids.

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