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Here is a list of some of my published articles on other websites. I will try to catalog all of my written pieces and keep this page as up-to-date as I possibly can. Feel free to read them and let me know what you think!

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Death Valley Flowers in Bloom Sums Up a Crazy Winter in One Photo (March 13)
How Close Did Delta Flight 1086 Come to the Water Surrounding LaGuardia Airport? (March 5)
New Jersey Dad Builds Luge Track For Kids in Snowy Backyard (March 3)
Really Bad News Emerging For the Parched West (Feb. 20)
Yosemite’s ‘Firefall’ Set To Dazzle Later This Month (Feb. 5)
British Airways Plane Struck By Lightning on Flight From Gatwick to Glasgow (Jan. 14)
Central Australia’s Rivers Are Unexpectedly Flowing Due to Weeks of Heavy Rain (Jan. 12)
The Negative Aspect of Cheap Gas: More Deaths on the Road, Study Says (Jan. 7)
15 Winter Weather Life Hacks For 2015 (Jan. 7)


Here’s Proof That It Snows In Southern California (Dec. 31)
Yosemite’s Waterfalls Have Returned, Thanks To Much-Needed Rain (Dec. 24)
Here’s How They Celebrate Christmas in the Southwest (Dec. 19)
21 Reasons Why Winter Is the Worst of All the Seasons (Nov. 21)
America’s Worst Weather-Delayed Airports (Nov. 20)
Drought Hasn’t Touched Mission Viejo, California … Yet (Oct. 31)
6 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make While Heating Your House This Winter (Oct. 28)
California’s Drought Could Be Worsened By Dust, Studies Show (Oct. 7)
35,000 Walrus Come Ashore in Alaska as Sea Ice Retreats (Oct. 2)
Radar Detects Monarch Butterflies in Strange Pattern Over St. Louis, Meteorologists Say (Sept. 24)
Tennessee Tornado Helps Unite Deborah Savely With Bible Missing for 40 Years (Sept. 17)
South Korean Bus Washed Away By Floodwaters; At Least 5 Killed, Several Missing in Flooding Across the Country (Aug. 26)
Residents of East Porterville, California, Running Out of Drinking Water (Aug. 25)
Lucky Puppy’s Pool Party Is the Most Adorable Thing You’ll See All Day (Aug. 17)
Hawaii Prepares for Iselle: What To Do When the Storm Hits (Aug. 8)
European Space Agency’s Comet-Chasing Rosetta Spacecraft Catches Up With Comet (Aug. 6)
New Lake Appears in Tunisia, and It Might Be Radioactive (Aug. 6)
Japan Heat Wave Kills 15, Thousands More Are Hospitalized (July 30)
California’s UCLA Campus Floods After Water Main Ruptures; Up to 20 Million Gallons of Drinking Water Spill Into Streets (July 30)
EF2 Tornado Hits Boston Suburb of Revere, Massachusetts, Damaging At Least 65 Buildings (July 28)
Photos From Space: ISS Astronauts Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst Capture Earth Like You’ve Never Seen (July 25)
Hot Car Deaths Could Be Prevented By E-Z Baby Saver, Created By Andrew Pelham, 12-Year-Old Nashville Boy (June 26)
The Weather Channel Hosts Make-a-Wish Visitor Daniel Weaver (June 24)
The 10 Worst Things You Can Do During Severe Weather (June 19)
Florida 9-Month-Old Dies in Hot Car After Dad Goes to Work (June 18)
Facebook Helps Save Dog Trapped in Hot Car Outside Houston, Texas, Water Park (June 16)
Bend, Oregon, Wildfire: Couple Poses for Wedding Photos with Blaze as Backdrop (June 10)
Florida Lightning Damages Runway at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Sparks Fire in Palm Beach County (June 9)
Hurricane Season 2014: 5 Things You Need to Know (May 29)
Platte River Timelapse Project Captures Incredibly Unlikely Lightning Image in Nebraska (May 14)
Arkansas, Mississippi Tornado Damage From April Outbreak Visible From Space (May 8)
Fake and Overused Weather Photos: Avoid Sharing These Images Next Time You See Them On Social Media | Watch my on-air interview (May 7)
Jeff Hunter, Killed In Arkansas Tornado Disaster, Sends Mother One Final, Heartbreaking Text Message (May 6)
Tornado Outbreak Déjà Vu: Towns Recovering From Past Disasters Experience Recurring Nightmare (May 2)
Super Typhoon Haiyan Six Months Later: Devastation Persists in Tacloban (April 27)
National Hurricane Center Storm Surge Map to Be Unveiled for 2014 Hurricane Season (April 17)
San Diego Dog Lost During Wildfires Found After Nearly Seven Years (April 11)
Superstorm Sandy Outrage: No Homes Fully Rebuilt Under NYC Program (April 1)
Saharan Dust Falls Across Northern Europe (March 31)
Census Data Reveals the 10 Fastest-Growing Cities in America (March 27)
Weather Disasters Captured in NASA Photos From Space (March 26)
They’ve Had Enough! Snow Fatigue Becomes Reality for Northerners As Another Winter Storm Looms (March 25)
Point Pleasant Beach, N.J. Motel Fire Kills 4; Was Home to Superstorm Sandy Survivors (March 23)
Tumbleweeds Invade Colorado Towns; Residents Call 911 To Get Out of Their Homes (March 20)
Don’t Panic – Chipotle Says a Guacamole Shortage Won’t Happen Soon, If Ever (March 5)
Ancient City of Pompeii Crumbling After Heavy Rains Hit Italy (March 4)
This Bangladeshi Boy Is a Better Human Being Than Most of Us (Feb. 11)
Lake Superior’s Apostle Island Sea Caves Open for the First Time in Years, and They’ll Mystify You (Feb. 6)
Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: It’s a Disaster at the Media Hotel (Feb. 5)
Concussions and Cold Weather: Do Plunging Temperatures Make Head Injuries More Likely? (Jan. 31)
Stranded Drivers Rely on Good Samaritans to Stave off Danger, Hunger During Winter Storm Leon (Jan. 29)
Kentucky Family Reunited With Treasured Photo Two Years After Tornado Hit West Liberty (Jan. 24)
Alaska Bucks Freezing Temperature Trend, Is Warmer Than Lower 48 (Jan. 23)
Winter Storm Janus: Everyone Whined, But These People Had It Way Worse (Jan. 22)
Propane Shortage Takes Toll on Rural America Just a Month Into Winter (Jan. 21 – watch my on-air interview here)
This Sister’s Heartfelt Gesture Will Restore Your Faith in Families Everywhere (Jan. 17)
Floridians Complaining About 60-Degree Highs Will Perplex and Anger You (Jan. 16)
He Said He Saw Snoopy on the Tennis Court; What Happened Next Was Anything But Funny (Jan. 15)
Top 10 Piers In America Will Make You Forget About Winter (Jan. 9)
10 Photos That Show How Insanely Cold It Is In Chicago (Jan. 8)
10 Reminders That It’s Summer Somewhere (Jan. 6)


25 Images That Shattered Our Hearts in 2013 (Dec. 28)
NWS Lubbock Issues Festive Forecast Discussion on Christmas Eve (Dec. 25)’s Most Heartwarming Images of 2013 (Dec. 20)
Mega Millions Odds: You’re Far More Likely to Be Affected By Extreme Weather (Dec. 17)
Washington, Ill. Tornado, One Month Later: Photographer Eric Hines Documents Damage in Time-Lapse Video (Dec. 17)
New London Airport Could Be the Answer to Noise, Space Issues (Dec. 13)
Towers Above the Water: Haunting Reminders of 5 Flooded Places (PHOTOS) (Dec. 12)
Florida’s Warm Weather Leaves the Rest of America Jealous (Dec. 10)
This Statue of Liberty Snowy Image May Be the World’s Largest Selfie (Dec. 10)
EF2 Tornado Confirmed in North Carolina Following Tuesday Night Severe Weather (Nov. 27)
Tornado Outbreak 2013: What’s Driving Amateurs to Risk Lives to Photograph Tornadoes? (Nov. 20)
Flexr Sports Water Bottle Could Be the Answer to Slowing Plastic Pollution (Nov. 14)
Gas Pipeline Explodes in Milford, Texas; Smoke From Fire Spotted on Radar (Nov. 14)
Ladybugs Swarm in Fall: Southeast Experiencing an Invasion (Nov. 1)
Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse This Weekend: How to See It (Oct. 30)
Superstorm Sandy, One Year Later: 5 Things the Storm Took From Us That We Won’t Get Back (Oct. 29)
‘It Could Happen Tomorrow’ Episode Came True in Colorado Flood (Sept. 18)
Teen Says His Invention Will Save the World’s Oceans (Sept. 12)
Cities Safest From Natural Disasters 2013: Trulia Ranks the 10 Best Towns for Good Weather (Sept. 6)
Combat Forecasters: Predicting Weather in the Most Hostile Places on Earth (Aug. 26)
Australia’s Two-Year Flood Event Made Sea Levels Drop (Aug. 22)
Why It Rained When Your Forecast Said ’10 Percent’ (Aug. 20)
Wildfire Burn Scars: How Long Until They Heal? (Aug. 15)
Hurricane Outlook Hybrid Weather Model Debuts (Aug. 2)
NOAA’s Weather Supercomputers Get Massive Upgrade (Aug. 1)
The First Modern Hurricane Names: Where Are They Now? (July 31)
Melting Polar Ice Cap Creates a Lake on Top of the World (July 30)
Poison Ivy is Growing Out of Control, Thanks to Climate Change (July 24)
Officials Dye Toxic Lagoon Black to Chase Swimmers (July 23)
‘Brown Oceans’ Known to Fuel Tropical Systems Over Land (July 19)
Meteorologist Plays Role of Child Locked in Hot Car (July 19)
Volcanic ‘Scream’ Precedes Explosive Eruptions (July 16)
A Tune to Raise Climate Change Awareness (July 10)
New Tool Shows Extreme Weather By ZIP Code (June 26)
Fabien Cousteau Takes Grandfather’s Legacy to New Depths (June 13)
Chasing Oklahoma: Too Dangerous for One Team? (June 5)
In Moore, Missing Pets Show Up By the Hundreds (May 22)
Tornado That Hit Georgia Dome Chronicled in ESPN Film (March 1)
Living in the Turbulence of a ‘Mini Tornado Alley’ (Feb. 20)
A Struggle in Adairsville, One Week after the Tornado (Feb. 6)
Adairsville Takes Twister’s Best Shot, but Gets Back Up (Jan. 31)


College Team Endures 1,200-Mile Bus Ride Thanks to Draco (Dec. 22)
Newspaper Born by Fire Survives a Flood (Dec. 13)
CoreControl Keeping Athletes on the Field (Dec. 13)
Sandy vs. the Bounty: Battling an Unstoppable Force (Dec. 5)
Does the Saffir-Simpson Scale Need an Improvement? (Nov. 30)
Late-November Snow Blankets Northeast, New England (Nov. 27)
Burns Captures Dust Bowl Hardships in Documentary (Nov. 13)
Death-defying Flights a Way of Life for Ferry Pilots (Oct. 12)
Coast Guard Florida Battles Elements to Save Lives (Oct. 8)
Husbands, Wives Battle Drought Together (Sept. 22)
Extreme Weather Connected to Helmet Safety (Sept. 14)
Shrinking Sea Ice: What Could Happen? (Sept. 13)
Seidel Reports Live from Cuba — a TWC First (Aug. 24)
Thrivers and Survivors of the Drought Disaster (Aug. 22)
‘IV in a Bottle’ May Revolutionize Hydration (Aug. 15)
Getting to Know Hurricane Specialist Dr. Greg Postel (Aug. 10)
Training Camps Looking to Beat the Heat (Aug. 7)
Lemonade Stand Lifts Spirits After Derecho (July 25)
Olympics: Kessy Ready to Rule the Beach in London (July 23)
Olympics: Demus Uses Wind to Push Ahead (July 19)
Olympics: Ellison Shoots for Gold in London (July 17)
Olympics: Rhode Gunning for History (July 15)
Olympics: U.S. Triathlete Looks to Tame All Three Events (July 12)
Olympics: Coughlin Hoping to Feel the Heat — in the Pool (July 11)
Olympics: Volleyball Player Seeks 2nd Gold (July 9)
Olympics: U.S. Women’s Soccer Pushing Toward a Gold Medal (July 6)
Olympics: Spearmon Taking Steps Toward London Vindication (July 3)
Olympics: Bausch Riding to Silence Her Demons (June 30)
Olympics: Pentathlete’s Dream Becomes Reality (June 29)
Olympics: O’Donnell Becoming a Field Hockey Star (June 28)
Keep a Cool Hand While Exercising this Summer (June 14)
The Best Sports Teams with Weather Names (June 12)
The Best Twitter Accounts for Severe Season (March 27)
Will a Warmer Spring Boost the Pest Population? (March 22)
Leap Day Outbreak Leaves Wide Swath of Damage (March 1)
Center Point, Ala. Moves Its Children Past Tornado (Feb. 11)
Pleasant Grove Students Provide Aid in Center Point (Feb. 11)
Storm Winds Down in Chicago, Pushes into Eastern Cities (Jan. 20)
Powerful Storms Spawn January Tornadoes (Jan. 17)
Chicago Website Created to Track Snow Plows (Jan. 4)
College Football’s Final Game of Season (Jan. 3)


Joplin Football Comes Home (Aug. 30)

This next ‘Next Tiger’ didn’t disappoint in the big events (Nov. 23, 2009)

Rodriguez channels his inner Reggie Jackson (October 2009)

FSView and Florida Flambeau

Seminoles make huge splash in 2009 (May 21, 2009)
Saying goodbye (April 29, 2009)