Listen now: Episode 44 of The Breslanta Report

This week’s episode of The Breslanta Report is live and ready for your listening ears. Here’s what you’ll hear (audio is below):

  • 1:21: The Atlanta Falcons took the field Friday night, and it was largely a dud. But here’s what I saw that made me really happy.
  • 9:35: The Braves had a mostly prosperous week in the race for a playoff spot, but there’s one thing that I think could derail those hopes, even after a brilliant trade deadline.
  • 18:23: The Hawks’ 2018-19 schedule is out, and it’s time for fans to be dealt a hard truth.
  • 22:39: For one Atlanta team’s manager, wins come second to a bigger goal, and it’s exactly what I want to hear.

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