Atlanta will be the nation’s eighth-largest city in 4 years, Census data shows

flickr/Anish Patel

As Atlanta’s population continues to climb, so will its ranking among the biggest cities in America, according to data from the U.S. Census. dug into data that projects Atlanta to overtake Philadelphia as the eighth-largest city in the United States by 2022. In 2017, the city grew by another 1.5 percent, the report added – a faster rate of growth than eight of the nation’s 10 largest metro areas.

The city added another 89,000 residents last year, according to Census data.

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With such extreme growth ongoing, city leaders will have to make key decisions in the coming years to improve transportation and infrastructure to keep up with the rising population.

The statistics also showed Atlanta is rapidly becoming more diverse, and young adults are migrating to the city at the fastest rate, according to Curbed Atlanta.

Atlanta and its population of 5.8 million still has a long way to go before overtaking the nation’s largest city; New York City currently boasts a population of 20.3 million.

All of the five fastest-growing metro areas are located south of the Mason-Dixon Line, further illustrating a migration to southern states, where the weather is generally beautiful and the cost of living still remains relatively low.

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