Georgia State is also getting a new basketball arena, report says

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When the Atlanta Braves left Turner Field, it was the first of several huge dominoes to fall that would forever alter the landscape of Atlanta sports. With Turner Field and its parking lots abandoned, Georgia State University swooped in and purchased the land and transformed the stadium into a football facility.

Then, plans were filed to turn the old Fulton County Stadium lot into the university’s baseball stadium, and the school realized that soon, it would no longer need the Panthersville sports complex well southeast of the campus and outside I-285.

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With so many of the university’s sports teams migrating to the Turner Field area and additional plans to add student housing in the vicinity, the GSU Sports Arena downtown seemed pretty far from the action all of a sudden. But now, there are plans to build a new arena just north of the university’s football and future baseball stadiums, according to Saporta Report.

The arena, which will likely be completed in about four years, will be located at the corner of Fulton Street and Capitol Avenue, Saporta Report also said. An $80 million budget has been planned for the 8,000-seat arena, the report added.

GSU basketball arena location
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The university has simply outgrown the GSU Sports Arena since it was built for GSU athletics in 1973. There are now more than 30,000 students enrolled at the university, and the current arena, which hosted badminton during the 1996 Olympics, has a capacity of less than 4,000.

Georgia State has a gymnasium. Soon, it will have an arena.

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