Stop bringing your guns to Hartsfield Airport, Atlanta

Image via TSA

Catching a flight can be a tricky ordeal. These days, you have to get to the airport hours early, allow enough time to get through all the lines, and get your tickets and identification in order.

Oh, and you have to remember to take your guns out of your luggage.

The Transportation Security Administration revealed in its Year in Review that Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport led the nation with 245 guns confiscated from carry-on bags at security checkpoints in 2017, and 31 guns were discovered at the Atlanta airport in August alone. Both numbers are records, according to the TSA.

Of those 245 guns found during security checks at Hartsfield, 222 were loaded, the TSA also said. So, presumably, 23 people said to themselves, “Yeah, I should be able to get this gun through airport security now that I’ve removed the bullets.”

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Atlanta’s hub had plenty of company, as firearms were discovered at 239 U.S. airports in 2017. But no airport had more gun confiscations in a single year than Hartsfield in 2017, the TSA also said.

These days, when so many would probably prefer to walk a mile barefoot over endless piles of Legos than deal with the airports, added delays can make the experience even more excruciating. So, yanno, leave those guns at home in 2018 so we don’t all have to deal with a shutdown at the World’s Busiest Airport because you wanted to show your Glock what Hawaii looks like.

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