Listen now: Episode 17 of The Breslanta Report

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Atlanta sports fans were given a huge lump of coal on Christmas Eve when the Falcons posted a stinker in the Superdome Sunday afternoon – a loss that was disconcerting for more than one reason. In this week’s episode of The Breslanta Report, I’ll tell you what’s wrong and why the Falcons need to hire one more coach in the offseason who can figure this all out.

UGA is preparing for the Rose Bowl, but back home, a massive recruiting class is aligning. This can only mean one thing: the Bulldogs are primed for a serious run at multiple championships in the coming years, and Georgia fans will need to recalibrate their expectations.

Plus, I’ll get you caught up on headlines from all the other teams that are making news in the city. You can listen to all of it below.

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