Mercedes-Benz Stadium food: Where to eat at the home of the Falcons and Atlanta United

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Atlanta has opened yet another new stadium, and this one is the most expensive of them all. When you visit the $1.6-billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium, you’ll quickly realize there are myriad food options, and you’ll want to make sure you pick the best one for your tastes.

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Before you head to the new home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, check out the complete list of eateries below so you’ll know which restaurants are closest to your seats, and where you’ll want to end up if you walk around the building to look for a bite.

Notable Concession Stands and Restaurants

  • Molly B’s Kitchen (Section 133): With the inspiration for some items on the menu coming straight from the recipes passed down by Arthur Blank’s mother, Molly, this is a full-service restaurant with views of the field, as it sits just behind the East End Zone. This spot will feature a rotating menu from chef Michael Bertozzi of ONE. midtown kitchen and TWO Urban Licks, so it’s sure to be a hit.
  • Kevin Gillespie’s Gamechanger (Section 223): Much was said about Chick-Fil-A’s decision to keep their concession stand closed on NFL Sundays (scroll down to find out what will be open in its place on Sundays), but chef Kevin Gillespie made sure his famous Closed-on-Sunday chicken sandwich was offered at Gamechanger. Ask anyone who’s tried it at either Revival or Gunshow and they’ll tell you it’s better than anything you’d eat at Chick-Fil-A. Oh, and it kinda looks like a bird’s nest.
  • Golden Brown & Delicious (Section 115): Concentrics Restaurants will be serving all kinds of fried food at this stand. According to Eater Atlanta, you’ll want to order the Dirty Bird Fries – covered with braised jerk chicken gravy, pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese and chives – and wash it down with a bourbon and Coke slushie.
  • West Nest (Section 324): The sign reads, “Chicken, Fries, Sandwiches, Beer,” but it’s so much more than that. Operated by students and graduates of the Westside Works Culinary Academy, you have the chance to try food prepared by the future chefs of the city.
  • Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand (Sections 133, 221 and 330): Before the stadium opened, Delia Champion had two locations. Now, she has five. The delicious chicken sausage is offered in all three concourses.
  • Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q (Sections 136, 240 and 342): This Atlanta staple needs no introduction, and you can now eat their barbecue at all three of the city’s major pro sports stadiums.
  • Fox Bros. Tex Mex-a-Cue (Section 311): OK, this one might require a short explanation. With both snacks and entrees, think about what would happen if a taco and a barbecue sandwich had a baby. That’s what you’ll get at this stand.
  • Farm Burger (Section 245): The local chain will offer its beloved burgers, but also a wide variety of beverages, from sweet tea to beer.
  • Snackology 101 Market (Sections 116, 209 and 348): If you’re looking for something that isn’t deep-fried and is instead on the healthier side, you can find salads, gluten-free and vegan options at this stand.

Other Concessions Around the Stadium

(Source: Eater Atlanta)

100 Level

  • Absolut Vodka Neighborhood Bar: Section 124
  • Anheuser-Busch Cart: Section 107
  • ATL Fan Fare: Sections 105 and 113
  • ATL Grill: Sections 107 and 133
  • ATL Pretzel Co.: Section 120
  • Avion Cart: Section 120
  • Bacardi Cart: Sections 117 and 122
  • Bruster’s Ice Cream: Sections 116 and 124
  • Bud & Burgers: Section 118
  • Budweiser Biergarten: Section 119
  • Capital Crust Pizza: Sections 115 and 131
  • Chick-fil-A (closed on Sundays): Section 123
  • Fries Up (replaces Chick-fil-A on Sundays only): Section 123
  • Column Bar: Section 135
  • Corona Cart: Section 126
  • Fresh Mex: Sections 104 and 125
  • Goose Island Carvery: Sections 107 and 122
  • Heineken Cart: Section 116
  • Heineken Neighborhood Bar: Section 132
  • Hot Press Express: Section 104
  • Jack Daniel’s Neighborhood Bar: Section 114
  • Jim ’N Nick’s Bar-B-Q: Section 116
  • Miller Lite Cart: Sections 116, 121, 124, and 133
  • Miss D’s New Orleans Style Candy & Popcorn: Sections 104 and 122
  • Papa John’s Pizza: Section 123
  • Shock Top Brat: Section 121
  • Smoke And Pour: Section 117
  • Sum Sum: Section 124
  • Terrapin Brewing Neighborhood Bar: Section 106

200 Level

  • Anheuser-Busch Cart: Section 221
  • ATL Fan Fare: Section 205
  • ATL Grill: Sections 208 and 234
  • Bacardi Neighborhood Bar: Section 216
  • Bruster’s Ice Cream: Sections 221 and 246
  • Bud Light Neighborhood Bar: Section 232
  • Capital Crust Pizza: Sections 214 and 230
  • Corona Cart: Section 246
  • Deep Eddy Vodka Cart: Section 224 and Skybridge
  • Dos Equis Neighborhood Bar: Section 206
  • Heineken Cart: Section 225 and Skybridge
  • Hot Press Express: Section 226
  • Jack Daniel’s Cart: Section 221
  • Jim ’N Nick’s Bar-B-Q: Section 217
  • Lunazul Cart: Skybridge
  • Martel Cart: Section 226
  • Miller Lite Cart: Sections 214, 223, 238, and 242
  • Miller Lite Neighborhood Bar: Section 242
  • Miss D’s New Orleans Style Candy & Popcorn: Section 214
  • Papa John’s Pizza: Section 209
  • Shock Top Brat: Section 202
  • Sum Sum: Section 238

300 Level

  • Anheuser-Busch Marketplace: Section 336
  • ATL Fan Fare: Sections 308, 322, and 329
  • ATL Grill: Sections 318, 338, and 347
  • Beer And Liquor Carts: Sections 308, 320, 336, 344, 349, 321, 342, and 349
  • Blue Moon Bar: Section 323
  • Bruster’s Ice Cream: Sections 303, 322, and 334
  • Corona Cart: Section 327
  • Deep Eddy Cart: Section 302
  • Deep Eddy Vodka Bar: Section 328
  • Devil’s Backbone Steak: Sections 320 and 336
  • Fresh Mex: Sections 304 and 341
  • Goose Island Carvery: Sections 327
  • Gridiron Pizza: Section 312 in the 100-Yard Club
  • Heineken Cart: Section 331
  • Hot Press Express: Section 307
  • Jack Daniel’s Cart: Section 334
  • Jim ’N Nick’s Bar-B-Q: Section 315
  • Miller Lite Bar: Section 310 in the 100-Yard Club
  • Miller Lite Cart: Sections 316 and 323
  • Miss D’s New Orleans Style Candy & Popcorn: Sections 307 and 326
  • Papa John’s Pizza: Section 338
  • Redd’s Apple Ale Bar: Section 313 in the 100-Yard Club
  • Shock Top Brat: Section 344
  • Smoke And Pour: Sections 316
  • Sum Sum: Section 349
  • Tailgate Grill: Section 311 in the 100-Yard Club

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