A complete guide of places to eat at SunTrust Park (and the Battery)

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The third season of Atlanta Braves baseball at SunTrust Park is about to begin, and with high expectations for the team in 2019, there are plenty of reasons to spend lots of time at the ballpark this summer.

The Battery Atlanta – a massive complex outside the stadium that has shops, restaurants and even concert venues – remains open seven days a week year-round. If you can’t find something to get into, you’re not looking hard enough.

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To save you the trouble of figuring it all out yourself, here’s a brief rundown of all the eateries you can expect to see at SunTrust Park and the Battery.

The Heavy Hitters

  • Coors Light Chop House: Now boasting three levels, the bigger, better Chop House might also be in right field like its Turner Field predecessor, but that’s where the comparisons end. Enjoy a large indoor bar or go outside and snag a seat with a chilled cup holder designed to keep your drink colder than when it was served – even on those 90-degree summer days. At field level, there’s Below the Chop, which will need to be reserved by your group beforehand. Keep reading to find out about the third level, which will have a familiar name (and flavor).
  • H&F Burger: When Bill Murray visited Turner Field for a Braves-Cubs game, he famously told the TV broadcasters, “This place smells like burgers. I’ve never been to a stadium that smells like burgers.” Thanks to H&F Burger, SunTrust Park has much the same smell. Visit the restaurant inside or outside the Chophouse Gate (it’s open year-round), or check out the concession stand at Section 155.
  • Terrapin Taproom: There’s nothing wrong with an ice-cold Terrapin on a summer day, and now, the Braves have a brewery inside the stadium. Accessible from inside and outside the park at the center field gate, this is more than just a bar and brewery. It’s also the home of Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q, which will serve its sandwiches and meats that are consistently known to be among the best barbecue in the nation. Be sure to try the Chopsecutioner – a beer brewed using baseball bats. Seriously.
  • Waffle House: There’s never a bad time to eat breakfast foods, and Waffle House is there if you get a craving for a waffle or some hash browns. Located near Section 311, you’ll see it tucked away in a corner above H&F Burger and to the right of the Xfinity Lounge.

Restaurants at the Battery

Now Open

  • Antico Pizza: The well-known Westside pizzeria opened its third location at the Battery, and it’s one of the closest restaurants to the stadium gates. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to BYOB, as is allowed at other locations.
  • C. Ellet’s: Linton Hopkins – you may recognize the name (ahem, H&F Burger) – opened this steakhouse to the public in August 2017. In addition to steaks, Hopkins also has New Orleans-style dishes on the menu, like gumbo and barbecue shrimp. There’s also a walk-up oyster counter, for those who like to sample them on the go.
  • Cru Food and Wine Bar: For the wine-and-cheese crowd, this will be a hit. Sample a wide variety of wines and enjoy cheese plates, and if you’re a little hungrier, try one of their stone-fired pizzas.
  • The El Felix: By now, you’re probably like, “Hey, where’s the Tex-Mex restaurant?” Ford Fry, who’s famous for other Atlanta restaurants like King + Duke, The Optimist, No. 246 and also for putting kale on the Chick-Fil-A menu, now has his second El Felix, and this one’s at the Battery.
  • El Super Pan: Similar to the restaurant by the same name located at Ponce City Market, chef Hector Santiago serves his favorite dishes from his native country, Puerto Rico, in addition to special cocktails.
  • Garden & Gun Club: Now open between Antico Pizza and C. Ellet’s, the Southern magazine Garden & Gun has a “cocktail and social club” just outside the stadium gates, according to AJC.com. Unlike other Southern social clubs, you don’t need a membership to be part of this club; to see all of their food and beverage offerings, check out their website.
  • Goldbergs Bagel Company and Deli: This well-known Atlanta deli has opened a location at the Battery. Free idea: swing by before the game, get a bucket of their egg salad, slip it into a plastic bag with some bread and take it into the stadium (this may not be the best idea for hot Sunday afternoon games). You won’t regret it.
  • Haagen-Dazs: Cool off with some of their delicious ice cream or gelato. This arrived at the perfect time – right as temperatures started to rise in Atlanta.
  • PBR Bar and Grill: No, this place isn’t named after Pabst Blue Ribbon; it’s actually named for the Professional Bull Riders Association. This is the second such bar to set up near a baseball stadium – the first PBR Bar and Grill is located near St. Louis’s Busch Stadium. Yes, there is a mechanical bull. There’s no food here, but there’s plenty of beer.
  • Punch Bowl Social: First & Third and Achie’s aren’t the only Acheson-owned spots at the stadium. Punch Bowl Social features bowling, bocce ball, a 360-degree bar and so much more. From their eight menus, they serve lunch, dinner and late-night snacks, as well as brunch on weekends.
  • Sports & Social ATL: Spanning two floors, this bar can certainly brag about its 30-foot TV that shows Braves games and can be seen from both levels. This place has three sizable bars, plenty to eat and lots of games – you’ll find skeeball, ping-pong, shuffleboard, air hockey and a golf simulator. There’s also a lovely patio upstairs that overlooks the stadium; if lines are too long at the gate, head upstairs, grab a drink and watch for the lines to die down.
  • Wahlburgers: The famous Wahlberg family’s chain of burger joints opened its first Atlanta-area location at the Battery.
  • Yard House: The second Atlanta location (the other is at Atlantic Station), this California pub chain is open just outside the stadium. This place boasts 130 draft beers and one heck of a menu. They’re open until at least 12:30 a.m. every night of the week.

Other Concessions Inside the Park

(Source: Eater Atlanta)

  • 1871 Grille: Sections 113, 141, 215, 239, 313, 331, 343
  • Bar: Sections 108, 216, 238
  • Ballpark Classics: Sections 116, 135, 146, 240, 312, 326
  • Ballpark Sweets: Sections 120, 147, 219, 322, 332
  • Braves Big Bites: Section 113
  • The Carvery: Section 312
  • Centerfield Market: Section 149
  • Chick-fil-A: Sections 143, 221, 244
  • Dessert Dugout: Sections 320, 331
  • Dippin’ Dots: Sections 111, 145, 217, 231, 314, 341
  • Field of Greens: Section 148
  • First & Third Hot Dog & Sausage Shack: Chop House Gate
  • Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q: Section 153
  • Fry Box: Section 320
  • Intentional Wok: Section 148
  • Kernels Korner: Section 112
  • King of Pops: Centerfield Market (Section 149)
  • Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream: Sections 139, 159, 243, 319, 340
  • Potato Cutter: Section 138
  • Sandlot Snacks: Section 155
  • Sausage Haus: Section 347
  • The Slice: Sections 107, 150, 215, 239, 313, 343
  • Smokey Q: Sections 113, 212, 233, 317, 339, 343
  • Taco Factory: Sections 151, 313
  • Tomahawk Taphouse: Sections 131, 212, 233, 321, 334, 344
  • Top of the Chop Grille: Coors Light Chop House

Finally, if you’re just too hungry to wait to eat at the park or the Battery, grab a sandwich and some mac and cheese at Heirloom Market BBQ. Less than two miles from the stadium, this is one of the highest-rated barbecue restaurants in the South, as well as one of the most beloved outside-the-perimeter restaurants, even though it’s about 50 feet inside the perimeter.

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