Hawks, Kings have hilarious Twitter exchange after NBA issues dumb decree

Screenshot via Twitter

The National Basketball Association has surged in popularity in recent years, mostly because the product is everything the NFL is not – fun. The players have fun, most of the coaches are entertaining and on social media, fans are allowed unprecedented access to their teams.

But a recent Twitter exchange between two players led the league to issue a decree: stop being so critical of one another on social media. On the surface, it makes sense, but the back-and-forths you see between franchises during games are as good-natured as they are hilarious.

We risk losing those awesome exchanges, but the social media managers of the Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings made the most of an awkward situation during Friday night’s matchup. Instead of slumping down and being quiet, the two accounts turned to a “kill ’em with kindness” approach, and it was Twitter gold.

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The Kings might have won the game, but there were no losers when it came to the tweets sent during the game. Here’s how it played out late Friday night.

I salute both accounts for bringing the heat, even after they were told to stop.

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