PSA: Do not boycott SweetWater; they just lost a bet

SweetWater Brewing Co.

Super Bowl LI took a lot from the city of Atlanta. Many of its residents are still in shock that the Atlanta Falcons lost such a big lead, and at least one writer (raises hand) remains completely unable to write about that heartbreaking night.

But at SweetWater Brewing Company, a lost bet with Boston’s Samuel Adams means we’re getting Patriot Extra Pale Ale for a limited time, replacing the ever-popular 420 Extra Pale Ale at the Atlanta brewery. The two companies agreed – via Twitter – prior to kickoff that the losing city’s biggest brewery would name a beer in the winning city’s honor, and you already know what happened next.

In addition to Patriot Extra Pale Ale, the bet also requires SweetWater employees to wear New England’s colors for a day (which they did), and they’ll send a brewer to Boston to serve as an intern at Samuel Adams, according to the Metro West Daily News.

“I’m sure they’ll have some fun making him clean a keg or two,” SweetWater’s communications director Tucker Sarkisian (get used to that last name, Falcons fans) told the Daily News.

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According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Patriot Extra Pale Ale will be available at the brewery right up until SweetWater’s 20th-anniversary party on Feb. 19. One more week and Falcons fans will never have to see that again.

So if you hear a friend saying they’re going to boycott SweetWater because the brewery has gone Boston-friendly, be sure to educate them.

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