SunTrust Park construction: October 2016 update

The Atlanta Braves have begun their move into SunTrust Park, according to the Marietta Daily Journal – a sign that the stadium’s construction is reaching the final phase, in many regards. Some of the team’s equipment has been moved into storage for the winter, but other items are already inside the stadium, the report said.

The field’s irrigation system has also been installed a layer of gravel, sand and dirt has been added above it, the report added.

“Now the irrigation system starts to go in. You start raising that field up another almost two feet. We’re at a point now where the field is just absolutely off limits. No one’s even allowed to walk on it at this point because of the work that’s being done on it,” Mike Plant, president of development for the Braves, told the Marietta Daily Journal.

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But the big news of October, at least from a fan perspective, came when Terrapin and Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q announced a partnership with the Braves that’ll bring a taproom and microbrewery to the stadium, reported. Inside the Terrapin Taproom, you’ll be able to drink beer and eat Fox Bros. sandwiches that are consistently ranked among the best in the city, and you’ll be able to do it year-round, the report added.

As for the other buildings that make up the Battery, I drove past the area this week and can report that much of the exterior construction is complete.

How the Stadium Looks Now, From Inside

SunTrust Park construction
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