Georgia Tech sends email to prospective students that takes a huge shot at Atlanta’s pro sports teams

Generally, Atlanta’s sports teams play nice. They wish each other luck on social media before season openers and big games, and members of the different organizations are often seen together at charity events around the city.

This is not one of those examples.

In a tweet shared Wednesday by Ben Swain, there’s an image that appears to be an email from the Georgia Tech admissions department to a prospective student. It lists several reasons why a student should not apply to GT. You know, in kind of a clicky way that would grab your attention until you realized that it’s still luring you to the institute.

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It was the No. 3 reason on the email that really jumped out at me, and seemed like an unnecessary shot at the city’s professional sports teams.

If you want to go to college in a city where professional sports teams actually advance past the first round of the playoffs, definitely don’t apply to Georgia Tech.

Knowing that Swain works closely with a parody Twitter account called “SportsChannel8,” my first instinct was to assume that this image had been doctored. But as I dug deeper, I found all 25 reasons to not apply to Georgia Tech on an admission blog hosted by the institute itself.

And who wrote the blog? Richard Clark – the Director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Tech. Yes, this was actually a thing that was written and sent out to prospective students.

It should also be noted that Clark also took a shot at GT Athletics in this post: “If you’d rather win a national championship than … wait … not quite willing go there.” But there’s a pretty big difference between laughing at yourself and making fun of other sports teams in the city that have been generally supportive of Georgia Tech when the spotlight is on the Yellow Jackets.

Maybe the Yellow Jackets should find other ways to lure 18-year-olds to North Avenue, because this one might’ve had a little too much sting.

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