The 10 ugliest uniforms in Atlanta sports history

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Atlanta’s sports teams haven’t always been clothed in the finest uniforms. There have been years when each franchise wore jerseys that made the rest of the league laugh, and some were bad enough that they’ve become cult classics decades later.

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Here are my picks for the 10 worst in Atlanta sports history. For the franchises that moved to or from Atlanta, I only included uniforms that were worn while the team played in this city because we can’t be held responsible for what other cities did to mess up the franchise’s jersey or logo. We sometimes have enough trouble getting it right on our own.

10.) The Hawks’ red alternates, 2015-present

Atlanta Hawks 2015 red alternate jerseys
Kent Smith/Getty Images

Give it time, they said. It’ll grow on you, they said. Maybe they’ll be respected one day, but today’s not that day.

9.) The Flames’ home reds, 1972-80

Atlanta Flames home uniforms 1972-80
Steve Babineau/Getty Images

Remember when Atlanta had an NHL team? I mean the other NHL team. The Flames’ stay in Atlanta was brief, lasting only eight seasons, but they sported these sweaters while their home games were played at the Omni.

They might have been the anti-Thrashers in that they made the playoffs six of eight seasons in Atlanta. Of course, in true Atlanta fashion, they only won two of 17 postseason games and never advanced out of the first round.

8.) The Hawks’ black alternates, 1992-95

Atlanta Hawks black alternate jerseys 1992-95
Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images

There’s something about that font that just screams mid-1990s. They look like the team that played the Monstars before the Toon Squad got to them in “Space Jam.” Perhaps the only redeeming quality of these uniforms was the old-school “Pac-Man” logo that would be removed the next time the franchise remodeled the uniform. It wouldn’t return until 2015.

7.) The Falcons’ home jerseys, 2003-present

Atlanta Falcons red home jerseys
Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI

These jerseys have been official for 13 seasons and they’ve never really caught on. Same for the logo – it’ll just never be as cool as the simple, old-school falcon that graced the red helmets of the franchise’s infancy, then the black helmets that were seen in the 1990s. It’s time to go back to a simpler uniform, and I have just the idea.

6.) The Braves’ road jerseys, 1968-71

Atlanta Braves road jerseys, 1968-71
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Don’t these just look like they’d be extremely uncomfortable to wear in the Atlanta summertime heat? They weren’t very pretty, either, and the screaming Indian on the sleeve was a pretty racist touch. Their home jerseys looked like something that was stolen out of the New York Yankees’ clubhouse with a Braves logo slapped on, so those weren’t much better.

5.) UGA’s uniforms against Boise State, Sept. 3, 2011

Georgia uniforms against Boise State
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I know the University of Georgia isn’t technically Atlanta, but these uniforms surely deserved recognition on this list. A program that’s usually reserved in their uniform choices with a classic blend of red, white and black went totally nuts with these uniforms for their first game of the 2011 season – a game the Bulldogs lost 35-21 to Boise State at the Georgia Dome.

4.) The Hawks’ yellow alternates, 2004-07

Atlanta Hawks yellow alternate uniforms
Barry Gossage/Getty Images

There aren’t many photos of these awful uniforms, probably because they were too disgusting for words. You can see the weird “Atlanta” font, but picture that nauseating yellow extending down to the shorts. It just wasn’t a good look.

3.) The Thrashers’ alternates, 2008-11

Atlanta Thrashers alternate uniforms 2008-11
Dale Zanine/USA TODAY Sports

I’m not here to pick on the “Blueland” powder blues; those uniforms actually looked pretty cool. I’m here to talk about whatever these things are. These uniforms might have been responsible for the team’s move to Winnipeg.

2.) The Braves’ powder blues, 1980-87

Braves 1980s powder blue uniforms
AP Photo/Denis Poroy

Where to begin with these monstrosities. The elastic waistbands, blue hats and solid baby blue from the neck down. Ugh.

1.) The Hawks’ lime greens, 1970-72

Atlanta Hawks lime green uniforms 1970s
Manny Rubio/USA Today Sports

The Hawks make their fourth appearance on this list with what will always be the ugliest uniform ever worn by an Atlanta sports team. If you disagree, you’re lying to yourself.

The photo above doesn’t do justice to just how bright these uniforms were. This page seems to do a slightly better job.

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