SunTrust Park construction: July 2016 update

We’re now just nine months from Opening Day at SunTrust Park, and much of the new stadium’s exterior is complete. Bricks, concrete and glass are in place, and the focus has largely turned to the inside of the structure.

The first few seats have been installed inside the stadium; just last Wednesday, Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine was on hand to put the first chair in place. After Glavine successfully installed the first seat, there were just 40,999 to go.

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One thing I’ve noticed after seeing the semi-finished product is how few seats there are in the upper and middle levels. It’s not built like Turner Field, where there are a few dozen rows in the upper deck. At SunTrust Park, you’re going to be a lot closer to the action.

That action is tentatively scheduled to begin on April 13, 2017, according to a report by the Associated Press. The Braves are expected to open their new stadium on that date against the San Diego Padres. That would be a Thursday night, and would follow a season-opening eight-game road trip against the New York Mets (three games), Pittsburgh Pirates (three games) and Miami Marlins (two games), the report added.

How the Stadium Looks Now, From Above

SunTrust Park aerial
Screenshot via

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