Crowds not your style? Next year, try the Peachtree Road Rage

If 60,000 runners bumping into you for 6.2 miles doesn’t sound like a good way to start your Independence Day, perhaps you just need a little road rage instead.

For the third year in a row, the Peachtree Road Rage was held along the same route as the World’s Largest 10k on the evening before the big race. It’s a chance for 60 or so runners to gather and run the course without all the hoopla that occurred Monday morning.

It’s not sanctioned by any governing body or authority,” event organizer Kyle Torok told WABE. “No one gave us permission … no one told us no. Why keep it that way? Why not? Why does everything in Atlanta have to be through permits and allowances? Why do we have to check in with Mom and Dad?”

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The Rage begins at Lenox Square mall, travels down Peachtree Street into Midtown, winding down Tenth Street toward Piedmont Park. Male and female winners each get a peach pie, and the group spends time together in the park following the race. This year, the Rage was won by Eli Dickerson, who finished the race in a little over 39 minutes, WABE also said.

“Would you rather append to a 60,000-headed monstrosity shambling its bloated, flag-spangled saddlebags toward a corporate pat on the head, or go in for 1/1,000th the fun and a kick in the can to give your furious best with 59 under-the-radar rivals, sate your desire on peaches and beer(s), and strut away with a shirt your chest will bear as a glorious herald?” said the race’s website.

This year, the Road Rage was also accompanied by rain, which gave the resilient runners another challenge to which they readily rose.

“There is no glory in this!” Torok hollered at the crowd just before the race, according to WABE. “There are no bragging rights! The male and female winners each get a peach pie, that’s about as glorious as it gets.”

The proceeds of the Rage go to the National Hospice Foundation, the race’s website also said.

Image via Peachtree Road Rage website

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