SunTrust Park construction: May 2016 update

As the Atlanta Braves continue to sit at the bottom of Major League Baseball, their new stadium is rising higher and higher, and these days, it’s looking more like a ballpark.

SunTrust Park is 10 months from completion, but the concrete supports on which seats will rest have already been installed in about 90 percent of the stadium. From the outside, you can get a feel for how the exterior will look, as much of the concrete and brick façade is now in place.

Season tickets are officially for sale, too. They officially went on sale last week and can be purchased at the stadium’s preview center.

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There was more big news this week. The right-field wall, which will stand 16 feet tall from right-center field all the way to the right-field line, will only be padded for the bottom 10 feet, Braves vice chairman John Schuerholz told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The top six feet will be unprotected brick, so when a ball bounces off the wall, it could get really interesting.

The team also told the AJC that there will be a gathering area inside the right-field wall that can host about 100 fans. It’ll be called “Below the Chop,” named for its location on the ground level of the new Chop House, and a chain-link fence will allow fans in this area to see right out onto the field.

How the Stadium Looks Now, From Above

SunTrust Park

At the top of the page, you can see the latest monthly update to my animated image at the SunTrust Park construction site. If you’d like to scroll through each of my ground images individually, you can see them below:

All images by Sean Breslin

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