The Braves aren’t good at anything, but they’re especially bad in home games

If you could draw up the perfect scenario for a Major League Baseball franchise leaving a stadium, you’d want patches on jerseys. Old players coming back to fondly remember the past. A winning team entertaining fans on the field one last time.

This – at least that last part – is not how the final season at Turner Field has gone for the Atlanta Braves.

The 7-23 Braves are pitiful, holding the worst record in the league entering Tuesday night’s action. But if you look closer at their record, it turns out the Braves aren’t all that bad on the road. Away from the Ted, they’re a mediocre 6-8.

When you lose 15 of your first 16 home games, you don’t stand a chance. The Braves have been swept by Arizona, Boston, the New York Mets, St. Louis and Washington, all at home. Their only win came against the Los Angeles Dodgers, way back on April 19. The Dodgers quickly snapped out of it and won the final two games of the series.

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Deadspin points out that the Braves currently have a winning percentage of .063 at home, and that might not even be the most sobering statistic I can throw your way. This might be worse: Baseball Reference recently noted that seven MLB teams have played a game at Turner Field in 2016, and of those seven teams, the one with the fewest wins is the Braves.

Next Monday, the stadium will host its final college baseball game between the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Georgia Bulldogs. If the Braves can’t take one of three against the Philadelphia Phillies this week, the winner of that college baseball game will equal the Braves’ 2016 win total at Turner Field.


The numbers get even worse. On their current pace, the Braves would finish their final campaign at Turner Field with a 5-76 home record.

Some send-off that would be.

Photo: AP/John Amis

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