‘The Stories of Atlanta’ is the YouTube channel you need to check out immediately

Prepare yourselves for a binge-watching extravaganza, fellow Atlantans.

Presented in minute-long clips, “The Stories of Atlanta” is a history project that isn’t getting anywhere near the praise it deserves. These videos cover everything you didn’t learn in your Georgia History class as a kid, and for transplants, it’s a good way to catch up on the history of your new home.

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Here’s an example of the videos you’ll find from The Stories of Atlanta:

The series was directed and voiced by Lance Russell, the head of Barefoot Films. According to a Redditor, the videos were originally planned to be part of a bigger project that never received adequate funding. That’s too bad – the final product would’ve probably been phenomenal.

Here’s another one that might convince you to binge-watch the entire channel, and be sure to share these videos with your friends:

Main image via YouTube screenshot

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