Now we know the dimensions of the SunTrust Park field

The Atlanta Braves have revealed the dimensions of the field at the new SunTrust Park, and it will differ from the Turner Field dimensions in several ways.

The new stadium’s field will have a few more twists and turns than we saw at the Ted. Turner’s outfield was rounded nearly all the way around, but at SunTrust Park, that won’t be the case.

SunTrust Park dimensions
Image via Atlanta Braves

The changes to the distances are modest all the way around, a few feet further back here and a few feet closer to home plate there. But if you look at the smaller numbers underneath the distances on the graphic above, you’ll notice something a little more interesting.

The right-field fence will be a glorious 16 feet tall, nearly twice the height of the Turner Field wall. At the old stadium, the fence was eight feet, four inches high all the way around, according to At SunTrust Park, you’ll see a wall that’s eight feet, eight inches from center field around to left-center, but in left field, the fence height will drop down to just six feet. That’ll certainly allow for some highlight-reel catches over the wall.

If you’re hoping the lower fence means a better chance to catch home-run balls in left field, think again – according to the mockups, at least one of the bullpens will be right behind the wall.

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The dimensions have some similarities to both Turner Field and Fulton County Stadium, but the 325-foot distance in right field will be the shortest distance to the wall in any of the three stadiums. They’re able to do that because of the 16-foot fence being installed, which will be nearly half the height of Fenway Park’s Green Monster.

Will it be hitters or pitchers that benefit from the new dimensions and fence heights? General manager John Coppolella said in a recent Twitter Q&A that he believes hitters will fare slightly better, but there won’t be a huge difference from Turner Field.

Derek Schiller, Braves executive vice president of sales and marketing, told that the franchise did extensive wind research – including data collection at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, just three miles north of the new stadium – to help set up the new fences.

“It’s something that quite frankly we lacked at Turner Field,” he told

Main image via Atlanta Braves

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