#TBT: The original Grady Hospital, 1940s

Atlanta’s largest hospital had modest beginnings, way back in 1892.

Pictured above is the original Grady Hospital, as seen in the 1940s. Located on Butler Street, Grady was the first public hospital to serve Atlanta, according to History Atlanta.

Henry Grady, for whom the hospital was named, was not a doctor. As University of Georgia alumni would know, Grady was actually a journalist and newspaper owner who was honored for his work when the hospital chose a name, the report added.

“It was built from a desire to benefit suffering humanity and an impulse of gratitude to do honor to Henry Grady’s memory, and it will do it,” wrote the Atlanta Constitution when the hospital first opened its doors.

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Segregation defined who got into Grady in the early years. Blacks and whites were divided by wards, then by separate buildings, History Atlanta also said. This segregation carried over into additional hospital buildings that were built as recently as the 1950s, the report added.

Nowadays, the original building sits at the corner of Jesse Hill Jr. Drive and Coca-Cola Place, in the shadows of the towering hospital now known as Grady Memorial. Its look hasn’t changed much over the last 124 years; here’s what it looks like today:

Grady Hospital 2015

Main image: Georgia Archives; updated image: History Atlanta

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