#TBT: Atlanta Stadium in the late 1960s

There once was a time when sports stadiums were cheap, and building them didn’t take all that long.

Such was the case in the 1960s when Atlanta Stadium (later known as Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium) went up to prepare for the arrival of the Braves in the South. The stadium took less than a year to build – from groundbreaking to the final touches – and only cost $18 million, according to Georgia Encyclopedia.

That price tag obviously isn’t adjusted for inflation, but when compared to the $622 million final cost for the new SunTrust Park, it’s basically nothing.

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In the image above, you can see how Atlanta Stadium looked in the early days. It was a massive concrete structure that looked like so many other baseball stadiums that were built in the same era: Shea Stadium in New York, Three Rivers Park in Pittsburgh and Old Busch Stadium in St. Louis, to name a few.

For those who never had the pleasure of attending a baseball game in the middle of the summer at Fulton County Stadium, here’s a brief explainer on what that was like. Even when the team was good, it was like being trapped in an oven as someone on the outside slowly turned up the temperature. Amenities were awful, but at a cost of just $18 million, we got what we paid for.

I’ll spend a few more tax dollars for a decent stadium any day.

Image via the Atlanta Time Machine

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