#TBT: Georgia Dome under construction, 1991

It’s wild to think that, as Atlanta prepares to open a new football stadium in 2017, that this is what our current football stadium looked like just 25 years ago.

Pictured above is the skeleton of the Georgia Dome, under construction in early 1991. Doing my best digital sleuthing, I tracked the image back to the Brasfield and Gorrie website, a contracting group that built the exterior framing for the Dome. According to the website, that part of the project cost $28 million; the entire Dome cost $214 million.

By comparison, the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium will cost at least $1.4 billion to construct, and will host its first event less than 25 years after the Georgia Dome first opened for business. At the moment, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is only slightly further along in its construction process than the Dome was when this image was taken.

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You’ll also notice that, in this picture, the Georgia World Congress Center was just a fraction of what it is today. Nowadays, the GWCC extends all the way to Northside Drive (the road in the bottom-left of the image). Mercedes-Benz Stadium is currently being built in that patch of dirt in the bottom of the photo.

Amazing how, two and a half decades later, the city is excited for the opening of yet another new football stadium just like it was in 1991 as the Georgia Dome rose up.

Photo via Brasfield and Gorrie

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