SunTrust Park construction: February 2016 update

As I mark one year since I started this project – and one year to go until the stadium is complete – I can’t help but notice just how much progress has been accomplished at the site of SunTrust Park.

The exterior continues to go up as bricks and paneling are added, and parts of the façade are beginning to look like they will on Opening Day 2017. With just over one year to go, the new Home of the Braves is starting to look like a home.

(Photos: Airbnb’s most wish-listed rental, located in Buckhead)

The move couldn’t come at a better time. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Braves lost $62 million as a franchise from 2012 to Sept. 2015. That figure has more to do with the lack of the team’s success on the field than anything else, but a change of surroundings couldn’t hurt, and they’ll finally get that in 2017.

At the top of this page, you can see my monthly animated image update that shows the progress of construction at SunTrust Park. Below is the monthly update to the animated aerial image; as always, it’s Xan Gerson who gets credit for capturing the shot.

SunTrust Park February 2016 Aerial

If you’d like to scroll through each of my ground images, you can see them below:

Ground images by Sean Breslin; aerial image via Xan Gerson

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