#TBT: The Downtown Connector, 1985

Atlanta is a city defined by its travel successes and failures, and more people pass through town via the Downtown Connector each day than any other road.

The image above was taken on March 25, 1985, according to Reddit user “ArchEast.” It shows the Downtown Connector on the north side of town, just south of where Interstates 75 and 85 split. The overpass you see at the top of the image is the 14th Street bridge.

Ask any Atlantan – this image is just an absolute dream, for two reasons. First, we’d kill to have lanes that wide again.

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Also, nearly 31 years later, you’re not likely to see traffic along this roadway ever be this light unless there’s a near-shutdown of the interstate due to an accident or construction. To some, this might be a more beautiful sight than a baby’s laugh or the season’s first snow.

While additional lanes have been added since this picture was taken, some things never change. Look at the area where I-75 and I-85 split; there’s someone cutting over at the last minute, despite the huge sign telling them exactly which lanes will lead to each highway.

And you wonder where we all learned our sense of direction.

Here’s how that same stretch of road looks today, via Google Maps:

Downtown Connector screenshot

Main image origin unknown

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