Reddit user posts timeline explaining why it’s called ‘Murder Kroger’

There is no such thing as a stupid question. We Atlantans field the question “Why is it called ‘Murder Kroger?'” quite often from the city’s newcomers, and we promise it’s not a stupid question.

But there’s a good reason why it’s called “Murder Kroger.” Simply put, there has been more than one murder at that Kroger.

If you’re unaware, the supermarket that has been given this infamous nickname is located on Ponce de Leon Avenue, a few blocks west of Freedom Parkway. Reddit user “biginthailand” posted a timeline of the deaths that have occurred either inside or near this Kroger as an explainer for how it got that nickname.

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Officials have made recent attempts to remove that ugly moniker from the supermarket, but they’ve had little success. They tried to convince Atlantans to instead call it “BeltLine Kroger,” due to its proximity to the railway-turned-walkway. But if you want to know how that’s gone, here’s an example: redirects to

Now, there’s this big news: Murder Kroger will be completely rebuilt in the coming months as part of a $140 million project, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The revamped supermarket will sit underneath a 12-story office building, the report added, and the facility will be known as 725 Ponce.

Hopefully, the facelift will make Murder Kroger safer, but good luck getting the locals to stop using its nickname. Again.

Main image: flickr/Ethan Trewhitt

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